A snowy Saturday

I am sitting on my heating pad on a snowy Saturday evening. I tried to open a frozen card door yesterday and when I pulled the handle my back went into a spasm-therefore the heating pad! I have enjoyed watching college basketball and surfing the internet today, since I wasn’t able to really do anything else! 

I have been thinking a lot about my brother too. He was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. He will find out next week,after they remove a lymph node , what type of lymphoma he has. If you happen to read this post a little prayer on my brother Rick’s behalf would be really appreciated. I sincerely believe in the power of prayer and I know that a community of believers engaged in prayer for a person has great power. 

Here is what it looks like outside our house today-Image

this picture was taken during a previous storm, but it looks the same today! Except it is still snowing and if it were still daylight I would have a current one to post. But since I wasn’t able to move very well today this picture will suffice.

I am also enjoying the newest book in the series of books written by Patrick Taylor- An Irish Country Wedding. If you like stories written with the flavor of the language and culture of Ireland, you will definitely like these books. They have made me laugh and cry and I totally enjoy hearing the brogue echo in my mind as I read the words!. 

Thankfully my hubby is on the mend. He developed the nasty flu bug last Saturday and had a fever until Wednesday morning. Today was the first day he acted like he had any energy at all. It really knocks one down; my hubby never sits once he is out of bed and going. He is constant motion. And all he has done until today was either lay in bed or recline on his chair. So it is definitely a kicker!!! I have not gotten it and knock on wood I am not going to get it!!!

We have to help my daughter move the rest of her things from her apartment in one town to her new apartment in the big city! Tomorrow is the day and it should be interesting seeing as it is to continue to snow until tomorrow night! Thank goodness we have a 4 wheel drive truck that will get us where we need to go. But it is a trek of about an hour from our farm to the first apartment; and then another hour from there to her new apartment! I will be glad when the day is done and the task is accomplished! And hopefully we will be home before the Super Bowl starts. I would like to see some of the pregame festivities even though my team (The Steelers!!!) is not in it!

I have some cards to finish and then I plan to post them on the blog. 

Have a cozy warm and toasty evening!


My hero

I have two heroes–ImageImage

One is my mom and she is no longer with me; the other is my sister Lana and she is in skilled nursing as she has Alzheimers. They both taught me so much about grace in the midst of suffering. 

Oldest memory

My oldest memory is standing at the side of a crib and looking at my newborn sister through the slats on the sides. She had just come home from the hospital-she was born March 16, 1959 so I was 3 1/2 years old. Two weeks later she would be gone-she passed from this life at two weeks old-I don’t know how many days she was at home before she was taken from us. She had acquired a staff infection at the hospital.  I know my mom never  really got over her death-she had her tubes tied after Amy Lynn’s delivery (after 10 pregnancies in 14 years). The doctor told her she was not to get pregnant again-it would be too detrimental to her health. She was 34 years old.