My hero

I have two heroes–ImageImage

One is my mom and she is no longer with me; the other is my sister Lana and she is in skilled nursing as she has Alzheimers. They both taught me so much about grace in the midst of suffering. 


Oldest memory

My oldest memory is standing at the side of a crib and looking at my newborn sister through the slats on the sides. She had just come home from the hospital-she was born March 16, 1959 so I was 3 1/2 years old. Two weeks later she would be gone-she passed from this life at two weeks old-I don’t know how many days she was at home before she was taken from us. She had acquired a staff infection at the hospital.  I know my mom never  really got over her death-she had her tubes tied after Amy Lynn’s delivery (after 10 pregnancies in 14 years). The doctor told her she was not to get pregnant again-it would be too detrimental to her health. She was 34 years old.